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April 30, 2020. imperial writers

Most undergraduate project student usually face some challenges during dissertation writing. Dissertation writing has not really gain popularity in Nigeria but however some of the student that engages in dissertation writing has had one or two challenges. Dissertation and undergraduate project topics speak almost the same language; I will explain more about dissertation as we go deep into this article. Before I explain how to solve the challenges undergraduate students faced during dissertation let us first of all look at this question below:

What is dissertation?

Dissertation is a kind of research paper submitted by student in support of candidature for academic degree in Nigeria; it can also be seen as a professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings about the subject matter. Dissertation is usually chosen by the student; unlike the way supervisors’ issues undergraduate project topics to students. Dissertation normally does not take time to finish. A dissertation can take hours or a day to two days to finish and submit to the supervisor.

        Now that we have understood what the word dissertation is all about; let us quickly look at the challenges undergraduate students face during dissertation writing. Some of the problems undergraduate student faces during dissertation are listed below:

  • The Problem Of Choosing A Topic
  • Poor Extensive Research
  • Insufficient Planning
  • Writing The Dissertation
  • Poor Referencing
  • The Issue Of Time Management
  • Concentration
  • Their Relationship With Their Supervisor

The problem of choosing a dissertation topic:

Most undergraduate students still find it difficult to choose a dissertation topic or topics. I have written an article on how to choose a project topic; this article is very helpful to all students in Nigeria. There are lots of free students project topics and research materials that undergraduate students can choose from for the purpose of dissertation.  

The OND/NCE students can use OND/NCE project topics for dissertation purpose. HND students can also use HND project topics for dissertation purpose. Undergraduate students can also use Undergraduate project topics for dissertation purpose. All these topics can be used for the purpose of dissertation. Dissertation topics can be drawn from the following level of education with respect to their department. Another problem facing some undergraduate student is poor extensive research;

Poor extensive research

Another challenges faced by undergraduate students is the issue of poor extensive research. Most undergraduate student during the time for dissertation does not do good extensive research during dissertation. Most students will get a good dissertation topic but during the write up will write outside the scope of the study. The best way to deal with this problem is outline all the concept of the variables in the dissertation topic then try to capture all that on the scope of the study.

Insufficient planning

Insufficient planning is the reason why most dissertation writing does not come out successfully. This insufficient planning includes not putting in place the financial resources for the purpose of the dissertation write up and time constraints. The financial constraints include lack of adequate funding for the purchase of research materials and transportation for the case study location. Another issue is poor time management during dissertation writing. Most students do not draw out their time plans before engaging in dissertation. Attendance to lecture, seminars and practical will affect students’ performance during dissertation writing. All undergraduate students that want to engage in dissertation writing should make fund available before the day for dissertation writing.

Writing the dissertation

Writing the dissertation is very important for all undergraduate students; it kind of prepare undergraduate student for the main thesis writing. Dissertation is just like normal thesis writing is just that the time frame for completion and submission of the dissertation is usually very short. It can be a day or two depending on the supervisor. The dissertation has the same organization with normal undergraduate project topics. The dissertation structure is listed below:


  • Introduction
  • Background Of The Study
  • Aim And Objectives Of The Study
  • Research Questions
  • Statement Of The Hypothesis
  • Significance Of The Study
  • Scope Of The Study
  • Limitation Of The Study
  • Definition Of Terms


  • Conceptual Frame Work
  • Theoretical Frame Work
  • Empirical Review




Data presentation, data analysis and data interpretation


Summary conclusion and recommendation

A good dissertation should be arranged like this unless there are other formats requested by the dissertation supervisor.

Poor Referencing

Another challenge that most undergraduate project students face during dissertation writing is the issue of referencing. Most students do not know how to reference their dissertation properly; some mistake APA referencing to MLA; some mistake MLA to Harvard. I have written an article on types of referencing and how to reference properly. I will advise undergraduate student to make the most of the article it will really help them during dissertation writing.

The issue of time management

The issue of time management has always being a problem for almost every student; being it undergraduate or masters students. Time management affects everybody but the earlier every undergraduate students that want to engage in dissertation set out some time for their dissertation, I will see a lot of students coming out with flying colours during their dissertation writing exercise.


Concentration is very important during dissertation; concentration help student write their dissertation is a logical way to capture all points that the project scope contains. Concentration is very important not only during dissertation but in every aspect of our lives.

Improve your relationship with your supervisor

Most students have difficult supervisors; some supervisors will make dissertation writing very difficult for students. Some supervisors are not satisfied no matter how much energy the student put in during dissertation. So there is need for every student to improve their relationship with their dissertation supervisors. The relationship should not start when you are about writing the dissertation; it should start at the early stage during normal lecture. With all these points above student should be able to come out good during dissertation.

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