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June 5, 2016. Imperial writers

Projects and research students can choose excellent topics today and write an excellent project and research thesis; this is very simple; once a project student have the mind set of a researcher, this student can go a long way in both choosing a project topic and writing his or her project; although project supervisor differs, some will give you his or her own topic to write on and some will ask you to go and look for project topics that you can write on. First of all in order to choose a good project topic you must first of all study your surrounding environment, study the country you are living in and the people around you; see the various trends going on in the country, think of a better way of solving some of the ongoing problems in the country or your environment.

Before a project or research student go about submittting their topic to their supervisor, he or she is adviced to search the internet for the availability of the research topic he or she want to write on; when a project or research student can now certify that the materials is enough for him or her to write a complete project or research thesis, then he or she can now boldy go to his or her project supervisor with such topic for approval.

Please note:

There are some supervisors that will not want project students to come with just a topic for approval; the topic should be at least about three (3) to four (4) project topics so that their supervisor can pick one of the topics for approval.

To choose a project topic is one thing, to get it approved is another thing; but project student should not forget the time frame for the completion of the project or research work; project students are adviced to check their limitations, get prepared ahead.

What are these limitations?

For student in education department that uses most questionnaire for data collection normally have some limitation concerning their case study, it might be a rural area that have a very bad road or that the people there does not understand english properly; in order to meet up with the time allocated for the completion of the project or research work such student should distribute the questionnaires to ellicit information concerning their research topic before they start writing their project chapter one, by the time he or she is through with his or her project chapter one, the questionnaires must have being answered and returned.

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