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July 30, 2020. imperial writers

Over the years justification and significance of study has always been confusing to students especially the undergraduate students. I have seen lots of undergraduate research works that students write justification of the study thinking it was significance of the study. These mistakes are not only seen at undergraduate level but also with project supervisors.

        Justification of the study and significance of the study are always very important in all research works. There is no research work that does not contain significance of the study or justification of the study. The positioning might differ depending on the requirement or the format demanded by the tertiary institution a student finds his/her self. But the most important thing is that a student understands when and why having a significance of the study or justification of the study is very important.

        The justification of the study is mostly preferred by supervisors working with post graduate students during the MBA thesis or dissertation; though some supervisors still demand for justification of the study in place of significance of the study from their undergraduate students.

The Justification And Significance Of Study Nexus

The correlation between justification of the study and significance of the study is that they are both found on the chapter one of any research project work. We all know that all chapters one of any undergraduate research project work are numbered. You can see the position of justification and significance of the study as shown below:

Chapter one: Introduction

  1. background of the study
  2. statement of the problem
  3. aim and objectives of the study
  4. research questions
  5. statement of the hypothesis
  6. significance or justification of the study
  7. scope of the study
  8. limitation/delimitation of the study
  9. operational definition of terms

You can see from the table of content for the chapter one of a complete project/research work; the significance of the study or justification of the study is at number 1.6 though it might change depending on the topic you are working on. It can also change depending on the department upon which the project is carried out. The table of content of the chapter one presented above is basically for the project topics under the education departments; but those from other departments might differ especially those under history and international relations.

The Difference Between Justification And Significance Of The Study

The justification of the study is basically why a particular research work was carried out. What was the problem identified that made a student want to carry out such research work. Here you will also capture why the methodology was adopted and also why the experiment was conducted; could it be practical or scholastic purposes.

        The significance of the study is actually all about what was found during the research work. The findings could be the nature of the relationship between one variable and the other. This result will be gotten by the use of statistical tools like chi-square, correlation, regression, MANOVA, ANOVA etc; then you back it up with some empirical findings.

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