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June 1, 2020. imperial writers

Seminar presentation is really not much a big task to do; but most students do not have the necessary skills or tricks on how to present a seminar. Seminar topics; just like undergraduate project topics follow similar format during presentation. The only difference here is: we present seminar and defend undergraduate project work. In the course of this article, I will list out and discuss few things that every undergraduate student must do before the time for seminar presentation. Some of these points are:

  1. Have a good knowledge of what your seminar is all about
  2. highlight the reason behind the study
  3. get a seminar coach
  4. make a power point listing important areas you want to discuss

Have A Good Knowledge Of What Your Seminar Is All About

It is always advisable that every undergraduate student must have good background knowledge on the topic he or she wants to present. A good seminar topic usually contains two or more variables; although some usually have just one variable. But in my own opinion I will advise students to go for topics that have two or more variable because it will give them room to capture more areas. After writing your seminar paper, read through it and understand what your topic is all about.

Highlight The Reason Behind The Study

From my previous article on how to write a seminar I made it clear that seminars are written in sections while undergraduate project topics are written in chapters. In seminar writing there is no room to have a section called significance of the study unlike the chapter one of an undergraduate project work. In your seminar, the reason behind the study is something you will have to figure out yourself. You mustn’t state the reason behind the study on your seminar work but have at the back of your mind that you will be asked why you carried out your seminar in the area you chose to work on. So in order to avert this situation; make out time to write out why you choose to carry out the seminar in the area in you choose to work on.

Get A Seminar Coach

Getting a seminar coach isn’t a bad idea; it will help you come out with flying colours during seminar presentation. The seminar coach can be your brother, your sister or even your friend. He/she will look at your seminar topic and ask questions that might come up during your seminar presentation. This will help undergraduate students understand their seminar topic properly.

Make A Power Point Listing Important Areas You Want To Discuss

Power point is very important for any seminar presentation; it helps you highlight the points you wish to capture in your seminar presentation. On that day all you need to do is put your power point presentation in a slide for your audience to see what your seminar topic is saying.

Now that you have prepared yourself for the seminar presentation; here are the eight (8) tips that will help you come out success during seminar presentation:

  1. Choose a good dress code
  2. make sure you come to the seminar hall with all the materials you need
  3. Choose the right words during seminar presentation
  4. Be demonstrative
  5.  Give room for questioning
  6. Have confident

Choose A Good Dress Code

Like the saying goes “you are addressed the way you dress”; during seminar presentation all undergraduate student is expected to dress smart.

        Nigeria is one of the countries that are known for diverse culture and tradition. This made it possible for traditional wears to be acceptable during seminar presentation, job interview and so on. You can choose the way you want to appear on the day of seminar presentation; whichever one you choose, just good smart.

Make Sure You Come To The Seminar Hall With All The Materials You Need

A good seminar student must have all the necessary materials that are need for effective seminar presentation. Materials like laptops, modem, slide etc. This will help improve the communication efficiency between the student and his/her audience.

Choose The Right Words During Seminar Presentation

Inasmuch as your supervisors and audience will be present at the seminar hall, try to make use of simple English that a layman will be able to understand. You mustn’t use words that might confuse your audience.

Be Demonstrative

A good teacher is the one that has the ability to demonstrate during teaching; it is very important that as you are presenting your seminar, always try to illustrate with examples. You can also make use of the power point presentation here so that people can see the images where necessary.

Give Room For Questioning

In my 12 years of attending seminars, I have never seen where you will teach someone and deny them asking you questions on your seminar presentation. Even if they do not ask you, you can bring it up. Demand for your audience to ask you questions. This will create a kind of impression that you have a good knowledge background on your seminar paper.

Have Confident

Brilliant with confident during seminar presentation is a total waste of effort and time. You must build your confident. If need be; read books on how to boost your confident; this will help you increase your level of confident.

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