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Over the years there have been so many limitations to the time set aside for the completion of a research project work. It is evident that the major cause of these limitations is poor time management in project writing/ research.

        Time management plays a significant role in the efficiency and accuracy of a research project work.

What is time management?

To a layman, time management could simply means the ability to achieve great result using limited time or to meet up with a particular project work in due time.

        Poor time management has rendered a lot of research project work immaterial over the years. From my experience as a researcher the major causes of time wastage in the research project work are poor feasibility studies and non-researchable project topics.

        What I mean by feasibility study is simply the practical aspect or method towards achieving the research objectives for a particular project work. It is advised that when a student goes in research of free undergraduate project topics and research materials he or she is expected to carry out a good feasibility study concerning the research project topic before going into the research. When this is achieved then the project student will now learn how to manage time in his/her research project work.

        The key to time management is having good projections. As a final year or an undergraduate student, you are expected to attend classes and also meet up with the time allocated by your supervisor to meet up with the time allocated for the completion of your research project work.

        The need for projection plays a significant role here in project research writing, it helps schedule time for your research purpose and attendance to lectures.

        To be able to make a good projection, you have examine carefully your time table, no time should be wasted, if you have like eight (8) hours in a day, and maybe your lecture time will consume like about 5 hours, always use the remaining three (3) to do something for yourself about your research project work. The time for your project work should be in your time table. When this is achieved then you try to meet up with the time scheduled for the completion of your research project.

        There are so many advantages to time management; some of the advantages are listed below as follows:

  1. if there is any correction or observation on your project work by your supervisor you won’t be under any form of pressure to effect the corrections or changes made by your supervisor
  2. It helps you master your research work before the dated set aside for your project defense.

If research project students can management his/her time effectively, then there is every possibility of having good grade and good relationship from his/her project supervisor.

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