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September 7, 2018. IMPERIAL WRITERS

A reasonable statement of the problem must be that there is a need to carry out a research for a project topic and for which there are possible solutions. If there is any situation that has no solution then there is absolutely little or no sense expending resources researching on it. Statement of the problem could also be seen as the gap in knowledge that needs to be filled.

When writing statement of the problems, the researcher must be able to enlist all the deficiencies a particular research work has, the essence for the study, what brought about the study, the researcher must be able to enlist all the reasons for his study so as to enhance effective project writing. Without statement of the problem then there is no furtherance of the study because statement of the problem brings out the gap in a particular project. Before I go into the topic proper, I will like to explain what is meant by the term “research gap” or “gap in knowledge” in my previous article I wrote on understanding gap in knowledge for a project/ research work. Well gap in Knowledge simply means the areas that a particular project/research work did not cover or a particular solution that was not captured.

Let me illustrate with an example:

Project topic: Environmental Problems And Human Health In Urban Informal Settlement: A Case Study Of (Aboru, Ipaja, Ayobo, Egbeda, Idumu), Lagos

The statement of the problem for the above topic will follow:

Nigeria as a country is blessed with a good natural environment but the unwise use of the resources from this natural environment due to ignorance, poverty, overpopulation and greed amongst others has led to the degradation of the environment; the outcome of these activities like air pollution, climate change, water pollution etc. may have significant effect on the human health. The people in the urban informal settlement like Ayobo, Aboru, Ipaja, Egbeda and Idimu in Lagos State experience it the most due to overpopulation. Secondly there have been series of research on environmental pollution but not even a single study has been carried out on the environmental problems and human health in urban informal settlement in Nigeria. It is to this regard that the researcher desire to examine environmental problems and human health in urban informal settlement.

I believe this could be of help.






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