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April 9, 2020. imperial writers

Empirical review is very importance in undergraduate project writing. There are so many benefits of having a good empirical review. Every undergraduate project student is expected to understand the technicalities involved in writing a good empirical review.

        The empirical review is the last section of the chapter two of undergraduate project topics. But there some undergraduate project topics that does not require empirical review. Some of these undergraduate project topics are those under the following departments:

  1. mathematics
  2. physics
  3. mechanical engineering
  4. civil engineering
  5. chemical engineering
  6. electrical electronics engineering
  7. agricultural science engineering etc

Outside these departments I listed above, departments like:

  1. education
  2. accounting
  3. economics
  4. adult education
  5. business education
  6. business administration
  7. chemistry education
  8. banking and finance
  9. human resource management etc

In short all undergraduate project topics under any department in social sciences use empirical review. You can now see how important the use of empirical review is.

        Lest I forget there is one more importance of empirical review; the empirical review for undergraduate project topics is very helpful in determining the gap in any research work. If you are a good researcher you will agree with me that a good research hypothesis comes from the literature review.

        Students that are new to research starts writing their projects from chapter one. But if become experienced in the field of research project writing; you will end starting your research project work from chapter two.

                If you want to write an empirical review, then this is what you should look out for research works by previous authors. Look at literature review that have the authors name, the year he/she carried out his/her research work, the topic he carried out his research work on, his/her findings (this could be in percentage or number), and his/her conclusion.

        Let us take a practical approach to this article. Let us consider the topic Effect of taxes on economic development of Nigeria. Below is example of empirical review for the above topic. As you are going through it, compare it with what I list last section above.

        uniprojectmaterials and research (2020) in their study of taxes and economic growth of U.S economy considered a large sample of countries and documented that 0.2 to 0.3 percentage point differences in growth rate in response to a major tax reform. He stated that small effects could have a large cumulative impact on living standards.

        uniprojectmaterials, (2011) using simple regression analysis and descriptive statistical method, find that the ratio of VAT to GDP averaged 1.3% compared to 4.5% in Indonesia, though VAT revenue accounts for as much as 95% significant variations in GDP in Nigeria.

        uniprojectmaterials, (2013) in their study based on survey method, used questionnaire on 40 respondents to generate data which was measured by a simple majority or percentage of opinions. The study found that more tax compliance is significantly associated with the adequate campaign and judicious utilization of tax funds

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