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June 5, 2016. Imperial writers

Every student in most secondary school wishes for a good grade; the presure faced by these students from their parents, teachers and peer group have significant effect on the student involvement in examination malpractice,  I choose to write this article beause of the increase in the level of examination malpractice. This article will discuss base on the parent perception, teachers attitude and method and the role that peer group have to play in the examination malpractice in most secondary schools.

The parents on the other side have a major role to play on the causes of examination malpractice; you can imagine a family with a very low social class; garther all the money they have at home to pay for the examination fees of one of their child; knowing fully well that there is no other hope for the child when he or she can not make his or her papers at a sitting. There will be series of warning on this student which might push the student towards looking for ways to pass his or her papers at all cost.

The teachers on their own path is another issue to talk about; some of these teachers are corrupt especially the ones in most of the rural areas; they will walk up to the students and tell them that if they do not pay certain amount of money, they will not receive any form of assistance from them; every student will be on their because they want to make their result on one sitting.

The way forward

Parents should always understand that there support to their children can help minimize the level of examination malpractice in Nigeria, parent can assist their children from day one to the day of their examination; encouragement is the key to success for any student; no matter how dull the student is; with support from parents, I believe that the student can pick to become hard working in their academic environment.

The teachers on their own path should do their job by teaching the student using all the intructional materials that required for the purpose of the study, they should also make sure to follow the WAEC and NECO syllables so as to guide the students in preparation for their external examinations.

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