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June 4, 2016. imperial writers

Every body wishes for a better life; but for the life to come into existence, there most be a form of force behind it; this force can be the force of choice, the force of determination or it can be the force of  role model; the most important thing is to have a good life. Everybody is gifted in one way or the other, some are crafty, some are intelligent while some are very spiritual. The essence of this article is to advice the general public on how to choose a career course. Considering the fact that everybody is gifted in different ways as I mentioned above; their career courses should be in accordance to the areas of their specialty. Do not choose a career because a friend chooses it choose career base on what you really feel you can do.

Now how do you choose your career?

As your are growing up as a child, there are things you like doing, things that gives you joy, things that you do without being told to do so; those are your hobbies. In an academic environment, the performance students differs; some are good at mathematics, some in accounting, some in business administration etc. A good and a careful students will easilty understand where his or her strength lies; do not choose a course because your friend is doing same course; choose a course that suits your talent. As mentioned above, a student that is very good at mathematics in his or her secondary school should not go for a course in education in the university because this will affect his or her academic performance in school.

Parents also play a significant role in the career choice of their children these days instead of allowing them make their choice; a parent might be a lawyer and will want his son or daughter to study law in the university even when it is not their calling.

Finally another point to know is the effect of the university admission on the career course of most students; you could imagine a situation where a student will apply for economics, and the university will end up giving the student human resource management; to end this the university, the choice of student and parent’s perception have significant effect on the career choice of students.

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