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we offer to help the research community today on journal development and research publications; I write this article to bring to your notice the services we offer; uniprojectmaterials.com as a research platform offers series of solution to academic problems be it thesis, MBA research project works, undergraduate project topics development and data analysis.

        We work hand in hand with series of academic platforms for journal publications, case studies topics generation and development. Below are the list of academic platform we can publish your research journals and case studies research works to:

  1. emeraldinsight.com
  2. academia.edu
  3. researchgate.com
  4. quora.com etc

Someone may wish to ask what academic journal is. Well academic journal is a periodical publication in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published.

I will also like to let you know how case studies topics look like; case studies topics are different from other research project topics for undergraduates and postgraduates. Mind you there are different types of case studies topics; you can form case study topics in marketing, business management, banking and finance, accounting. You can also form these topics on drugs, working environment etc.

 Below are list of case studies topics you can work on:

  1. work place drug abuse
  2. Malden mill
  3. a star bucks on every corner
  4. small customer, big profit
  5. succession planning
  6. retiring employee, lost knowledge
  7. strategic AD spending

All the case studies above have been writing and published into some of the academic platforms above. it is evident that about 70 percent of professors in the world have published at least two (2) to three (3) journals and case studies research into one of these academic platforms above; this usually helps them in their pursuit for higher academic qualifications.

        Getting acquainted with the needs for successful academic achievement is very important in the academic world today. This is the main reason why I took my time to write this article so as to enable all researchers all over the world to understand and get use to research publication and case studies topics generation.

The publication can be in the form of seminar, paper, it can also be in the form of complete research project work or dissertation; the most important thing is to get your research work published and gain visibility in the academic environment.

You can pick your seminars, papers, research project topics and dissertations from any area; be it on education project topics, accounting project topics, banking and finance project topics, marketing project topics, human resource management project topics or economics project topics etc. this will only help build your skills and reputation in the academic environment

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