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June 4, 2016. imperial writers

Most students have failed today in the academic persuit, because of one or two reasons, but I lay emphasis more on the issue of plagirism; plagiarism has caused so many friction on the level of merit of an academic perfomance.

Plagiarism; as simple as the name may sound, has a strong negative effect on the merits. Most project students write their project with more than 30 percent plagiarsm; which is not healthy for project defense but the good news is; it can be reduced or stopped completely.

How can a project student write without plagiarism?

To write without plagiarism is very simple; this is how you can go about it, first; once a topic has been approved for a project student, the student is adviced to go source for materials that are related to the project topic; when the materials are made available to the project students, the students are adviced to go through the materials; have a deep understanding about the topic and try to write on the project topic on his or her own without copying word for word. To write successfully, you must cultivate the habit of writing; it may look like stress and time wasting but the truth is; it is a step forward for improvement on the academic performance of project students.

There have being series of ways to check and monitor the level of plagiarism in academic research, you can reduce the level of plagiarism to about 5 percent in your project and research work using the this tool www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker to check your work as you write your project.

How do you use the plagiarism checker?

Type the url above, on your browser; you will see a box, copy and paste your written chapter one on the box and watch the result displayed on the plagiarisn checker; you will see some words underlined in red; those red lines shows that the words are being plagiarised but please note that the red line on the name of an author is not plagiarism because you can not change the name of the author.

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