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For some time now the most frequently asked questions by most MBA/MSc. project students have been “how to write an excellent research executive summary for dissertation and thesis project.

        Well executive summary to me can be regarded as a more elaborate abstract for a research project work because it contains virtually everything a project abstract has. Executive summary can be at least 3-6 pages depending on the research work you are working on.

        Most managers in most sectors; be it public or private sectors always make use of executive summary. The role of executive summary is not limited to the field of research only; managers of organization use it in decision making and policy generation.

        To cut the article short, an excellent executive summary must contain the following:

  1. Project summary
  2. Background of the study
  3. Processes involved (methodology)
  4. Findings, conclusion and recommendation for further actions

The separate them in headings, but ensure to discuss all the above mentioned heading in the body of the research executive summary. Let me use this opportunity to discuss the following headings one after the other.

project summary: Your project summary is a brief but specific statement of the project objectives, methods and impact on you as an artist. It is a 2-3 sentence “elevator pitch” of your project. To through more light on it; a project summary will contain the description of the project, the problem that led to the research, the aim or the objective of what the research is expected to achieve. If you can state this effectively then you are on the right track.

The Background

here the background is talking about the historical aspect of your research work; here you are expected to stated clearly, the history, also be able to indicate if your research is limited to the local government or the state government or the nation at large. You should also stated if you were involve in partnership with any organization, other project or research students that help to achieve the purpose of the research work.


Here the process we are talking about is the scientific research which involves a systematic process that focuses on being objective and gathering a multitude of information for analysis so that the researcher can come to a conclusion. But be ready to give a brief discussion of your research work before deriving the methodology.

Summary Conclusion And Recommendation

this is the last part or the concluding part of the executive summary; here you will discuss all the theories you used for the purpose of the research work, you will also be able to achieve your research findings, then conclude on what you feel is the major cause of the research work and finally recommend ways of solving further problems.

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