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April 23, 2017. IMPERIAL WRITERS

Welcome dear researchers; I want to use this opportunity to bring to your notice on how to write a good synopsis for thesis project. Well the idea of synopsis presentation before the main research work by most of the universities in Nigeria and the world at large was to ensure that a research student has a good background knowledge concerning his/her research project topic.

Before we go into the main topic proper, let us first of all define the term synopsis

SYNOPSIS: synopsis can simply be defined as a brief discussion or summary or a general survey carried out about a particular project topic; be it a thesis, dissertation, or an undergraduate project topic.

        An MSc/MBA research student goes online and pick one or two project topics for thesis; on reaching his/her supervisor, the supervisor demanded for the synopsis for each of the topic he/she has chosen for project or thesis.

Writing a synopsis is nothing so big that a post graduate student cannot do during thesis writing. I will simply break it down with some examples so as to throw more light on the how to write a synopsis for thesis project.

When a MBA/Msc. Research project student wishes to write a synopsis for his/her project topic, he or she must have in mind the following sub-headings.

  1. The title of the project topic or thesis project topic
  2. The abstract for the research thesis topic for project
  3. The need for the project
  4. The review of related literature concerning your research topic
  5. The materials and method to be adopted
  6. References

If a research student has the following headings in mind when writing his/her synopsis, then I think the research student is on the right track.


The synopsis for the above topic will follow this format:


The Effect of Budget Padding in the Nigerian Economy, A Tool For Inflation


The abstract should be written in one paragraph. For example:

The study on the Effect of Budget Padding in the Nigerian Economy, a Tool for Inflation came up with the aim to examine the relationship between budget padding and the rate of inflation in Nigeria; other specific objectives of the study include; investigating on the factors affecting the growth of inflation in Nigeria. The study adopted the method of primary data to seek responses from the respondents. The Pearson correlation method was used to validate the hypothesis. Proper recommendations were made to solve any other existing problem in future.


Here you discuss the importance of this research work. What will the research work achieve at the end?

For example, the research project will be of immense benefit to the federal government of Nigeria and her citizens as it will discuss the relationship between budget padding and the Nigeria economy. The study will also investigate and proffer solution to the factors affecting the economy of Nigeria and the effect of budget padding on the Nigeria economy.


Here you discuss on the previous research done relating to your research project topic.

For example:

(Uniprojectmaterials, 2017) used the method of Pearson correlation to examine the relationship between budget padding and the Nigeria economy. He made some useful recommendations on how to resolve the issue of inflation in Nigeria.


Here a project student discusses his/her methodology in the following format.

For example:

This chapter is designed to describe the procedures adopted in this research. The procedures involve the following: research design, population of the study, sample and sampling techniques, instrumentation, validation of the instrument, administration of the instrument and data analysis techniques.


3.1   Research Design

This study will be employ survey research design to examine the effect of budget padding on the Nigeria economy: a tool for inflation. According to Nworgu (2006), survey research design insurance that a group of people or items is studied by collecting analyzing data from only a few people or items considered to be representative of the entire group. It uses a questionnaire to determine the opinions, preferences, attitudes and perceptions of people about issues that concern them. A survey design is suitable for this research because it is going to make use of a questionnaire to elicit information from the respondents.

3.2   Population of the Study

The population of the study consists of   about 100 respondents were selected based on their knowledge the effect of budget padding on the Nigeria economy: a tool for inflation.

3.3   Sample and Sampling Techniques

A sample of 40 was selected out of the population of 100 as stated above for the purpose of the study.

3.4   Instrumentation

The instrument for this study is questionnaire constructed by the researcher which was drawn from the research questions. The questionnaire was coded.

3.6   Validation of the Instrument

The validation was determined by the expert judgment of the supervisor. The judgment were sought to guarantee that each of the items in the instrument measured what it was supposed to measure. The final draft was adjudged valid by project supervisor.

3.7   Administration of the Instrument

A total of 100 copies of the questionnaire will be administered to the respondents by hand but 45 were returned after the exercise.

3.8   Data Analysis Techniques

Data collectedwill be analyzed using frequency table, percentage and mean score analysis while the Pearson correlation method was used to test the formulated hypothesis using SPSS (statistical package for social sciences)


(Uniprojectmaterials, 2017). Cambridge University, budget padding and the economy of Nigeria.

I believe this will help research project students in writing their synopsis.




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