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April 23, 2017. IMPERIAL WRITERS

Data analysis plays a major role in most academic research today; with it advancement depending on the nature of your research work.

From my findings I discovered that most undergraduate project students finds it difficult to analyze their data because they do not know the exact test or method to be use to validate their hypothesis.

There are various data analysis techniques; ranging from descriptive & inferential data analysis, exploratory data analysis using SPSS, EXCEL, E-VIEW, MINITAB, MATLAB etc. respectively depending on the choice of students.

It is very important to understand your hypothesis so as to enable you to know when to use a particular method to analyze your data.

The use of data analysis plays in significant role in any research work; be it a final year project, undergraduate project, post graduate (MBA, MSc, dissertation, seminar, term paper etc.)

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I have seen a scenario where a project student states his/her hypothesis to suit a chi-square test but at the end of the day, the project student went on to adopt the method of Pearson correlation.

There is another situation where a final year project student was seen using ordinary least square regression to validate a primary data kind of hypothesis.

Let us consider the topic below:

The effect of marco-economic variable on the Nigeria stock market

Here we can see that there are about four determinants to justify the above topic. These determinants are R, EXR, INF, MS where R signifies realized return on sectoral portfolio, EXR; the norminal exchange rate and INF: the rate of inflation.

Now a good project student will state his or her hypothesis as:

H0: macroeconomic variable has no significant effect on the Nigeria stock market

With the model for the hypothesis as stated below:

RI= a0 EXR + a1INFL + a2MS + e

We can see from the above model that the right tool for the validation of the hypothesis is the ordinary least square regression (multiple regressions).

There is more to data analysis when it comes to research; project student are always advised not to just jump into any data analysis technique. You must first understand your research project topic. Secondly understand the kind of data to be used; whether primary or secondary data.

The determinants will tell you whether it is a primary data or a secondary data.

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