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This study is based on smart-phone utilization in news gathering, with specific focus on media organizations in Minna, Niger State. The study became imperative because despite the enormous potentials of new media technologies in relation to effective journalism, most media organizations in the country are still lagging behind. Survey method was adopted in gathering responses from respondents. Purposive sampling technique was adopted and used to distribute a hundred and eighty six copies of questionnaire to the three sampled media organizations in Minna that is used for the study. When analyzing the research questions, results indicated that majority of journalists in Minna, said new technologies had improved the quality of the media organizations production. So many of the journalists were aware of the relevance of new media technologies in journalism, but a large number of media organizations in Minna don’t organize special training for staff on how to use new media technologies. The study, therefore, recommends amongst others that media managers should plan and execute periodic training for staff (journalists) on effective use of the smart-phone as a new media technology tools in journalistic news gathering.





1.1 Background to the Study

From the perspective of Craig (2000), contemporary development in journalistic reporting related to innovation in technology inevitably attracts interest. This means that the rise of digital technology, the convergence of media into multi-media formats and the ubiquity of the internet are focal points for contemplations about recent changes in journalism and possible future direction.

According to Belmaker (2003), say with the introduction of smart-phone technology in news gathering, has been a good news for reporters today, saying that the advent of Smartphone has made it possible for them to do part of their job with nothing more than a phone. The bad news is, the practice of “mobile reporting” is still so much more in its infancy that there are limited resources and experts out there for guidance.

There is no doubt in this day and age that we are greatly influenced by the media. This is why most researchers have taken up the mettle in understanding its functions, and the impact it makes in changing the matters pertaining to society, the least of which is that of public opinion. The technological advancements that the modern society is characterized with, makes individuals today to experience and do things in the most efficient and effective way. The world has changed since the introduction of the computer and other technological innovations such as the smart-phone, for which Time and Space barrier have long been overcome as the need for individuals to get connected.

The staggering effect of the new media (Smartphone) innovation in the social occasion and scattering of data among columnists consequently, have offered climb to an increment in expert and beginner news coverage. The media is not restricted to simply radio, print and TV alone; the web and advanced cell telephones have made an entire new stage for the social event and dispersal of news and data inside minutes. With online networking applications, for example, facebook, twitter, Youtube, Blogs, and Website, the world can be quickly mindful of any advancement. Cell phone makes utilization of features, sounds, and pictures, to spread data speedier than any daily paper, radio or TV house. Consideration is currently on the web reportage of news and occasions, implying that things are no more the same for customary manifestations of media in the realm of which Nigeria is not forgotten.

As of now, one of the best assets of the web is the informal communication Websites. Actually, their fame among youthful and old Nigerians has constrained media associations in the nation to make their vicinity felt on the web. This unmistakably clarifies why most daily papers and television media houses in the nation have on-line version accessible for on-line gathering of people. These media associations similarly utilize person to person communication destinations to compliment their sites. The point here is that, media associations use informal communication locales like facebook and Twitter to assemble furthermore advise on-line crowds of news and occasions. All these, plainly demonstrate how effective new media advances are and if successfully utilized will affects emphatically on journalistic news assembling and reporting.

In any case, notwithstanding the tremendous possibilities the new media have offered reporting as a calling, the utilization in the nation is still low, particularly in the telecast media. In a late study completed by a free review outfit, Fact bound research; a part of the MMCC Group (Media and advertising correspondence organization) offers assurance to this Adewakun (2012). Intrinsic in the review report is the way that 69% of telecast stations in the nation did not have any site whatsoever. The overview similarly uncovers that 51% of the parts staff (media faculty) tested did not have admittance to machine or can't utilize machine viably. The report additionally includes that 31% of telecast houses in Nigeria have sites and in excess of 70% of their parts of staff (media work force) did not have admittance to organization email administrations, while just 49% of the staffs (media faculty) have admittance to the organization email or can utilize machine, the report uncovers. Adewakun (2012) likewise expresses that the Northern Region of the nation was the most reduced in Information and Communication Technology utilization in the media among all the areas inspected in the nation. The study in Adewakun (2012), uncovered the South-Western piece of the nation as the most elevated clients of web related offices in the media with 55%; the south-eastern part coming next with 47%; while the South-South Region advancing third position of the utilization of web related offices with 45%. The Northern Region having the most reduced in rate with just 10%. This, consequently, brings to the fore the accompanying inquiries: what is in charge of the low utilization of Information and Communication Technology in Nigerian media, with specific underlines in the Northern piece of the nation? What is the demeanor of Nigerian writers towards new media innovations? What is the demeanor of the Nigerian web group of onlookers towards on-line news substance?



1.2 Statement of the Problem

The usage of new media instruments in today's universe of correspondence, particularly news coverage among writers can't be over-looked. Since the landing of new media engineering, for example, the advanced mobile phone, it has surely changed the way columnists work furthermore how stories are created and spread. Online networking have had positive effects. However there are likewise worries about their effect on profit and antagonistic impact it could have on writers working examples. New media have made a reliance among those working in the media and a lot of people are not able to manage without them.

New media have ended up journalistic vocabulary and it appears sourcing data has overwhelmed self advancement as an essential social action. Columnists are becoming refined in their utilization of social networking, and are for example, utilizing an extraordinary mixed bag of devices to source news. A few writers are less positive about a portion of the ways online networking influences their journalistic exercises, their engagement with their group of onlookers, their profit and the nature of their work. In light of these differentiating perspectives, the issue this exploration tries to answer is; the way successful is the utilization of new media engineering device among columnists in Minna city with respect to their journalistic obligations?

1.3 Aim and Objective of the Study

The study tries to focus the criticalness of new media innovation usage among columnist in journalistic news gathering with an endeavor to understanding its level of viability in the Nigerian media, yet in brief terms, its;

1. To make sense of if columnist in Minna city use advanced cell in news social affair process?

2. To recognize how advanced mobile phone has improved news social affair process among writer in Minna?

3. To see whether advanced cell is a dependable innovation in news gathering for journalistic creations.

4. To recognize the components militating against the development of advanced mobile phone use in news gathering among writer in Minna city.

1.4 Research Questions

1. Do columnists in Minna city make utilization of advanced mobile phone in news gathering?

2. Are columnists in Minna making powerful head route with advanced mobile phone use in news gathering for greatest profit?

3. What is required for the compelling use of advanced cell innovation in news gathering among writer in Minna city?

4. To figure out the sort of new media innovation writer in Minna lean toward in news social occasion forms?




1.5 Justification for the Study

This study will be of unlimited essentialness to columnists, media associations, news orgs, editors, instructors and understudies in the field of news-casting and mass correspondence and also different scientists who will need to leave on same study as this.

The study will help columnists to source valuable data utilizing social networking systems administration apparatuses and in addition furnish them with an aide on the most proficient method to compose online stories. It will likewise help writer to collaborate with their gathering of people and recognize their data needs. The study will likewise help columnists who have infrequently grasped new media to do so as to build their profit.


1.6 Delimitation of the Study

The study is centered around columnists in Minna city which may be decisive for writers in different parts of Nigeria. Since writers offer basic qualities and aptitudes, information created from this study and the result acquired thereof, can be connected to all columnists.


1.7 Operational Definition of Terms

News coverage: this is the act of composing, altering and dispersing data to the public.media: media in this study are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other online networking systems administration devices which writers utilization to assemble, impart and scatter data to a huge heterogeneous crowd.


Advanced reporting: it is a term used to portray the new period in news coverage where web and machines are utilized as a part of just about every journalistic movement.


News: data about present occasions printed in daily paper or telecast by media through print, TV and radio.


New media: online machines and sight and sound, shaping an incorporated framework, It is a term intended to incorporate the advanced, electronic, or arranged data and correspondence innovations in the later piece of the twentieth century.


Reporting: the movement of figuring out truths and utilizing the print, telecast or the web media to tell about them.


Social networking: the term social networking alludes to the web based informal communication sites created to explicitly help people impart their perspectives and talking about data among people.

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